Do Restraining Orders Make You Safe ?  

People, who are abused, take the right step when they decide to end the abusive relationship. However, when the partner gets to know of the decision, they might turn more violent and the situation might get worse for the abused person. Sometimes, a mere mentioning of separation can set off a series of violent reaction.

To ensure one’s safety one can get a restraining order against the abuser. These are otherwise called protective orders as they are intended for your protection. They are legal documents issued by a judge which helps to keep the abuser legally away from the victim. But it is wrong to assume that filing a restraining order is enough to protect them from their abusers. Unfortunately, this is not the case as abusers can only be arrested after they disregard the restraining order.

This is a major drawback in the restraining order as the arrest takes place only after the harm is done. This completely defeats the purpose of the law which is meant to protect the victim. If one is in danger for one’s life, filing a restraining order is definitely something that one should consider. However, one should also remember that this order will only protect if the abuser abides by it.

Most abusers are drug or alcohol addicts and when they are under the influence, their thinking and judgment gets clouded and they end up breaking the court order. So, a victim should take additional precautionary measures to stay safe in addition to filing a restraining order.

A restraining order cannot guarantee one’s safety or change the mindset of an abuser, or even guarantee peace of mind. Therefore, having a safety plan is a good bet to stay protected. Moreover, a restraining or protective order cannot protect a victim by itself and one needs to plan his own safety. 

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Do Restraining Orders Make You Safe

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