How To Beat A Restraining Order ?  

Restraining order can cause a lot of emotional stress and hassles in normal life. Hence, if a restraining order has been filed against you, you can possibly fight it before it turns permanent in your criminal record.

Restraining orders can be temporary restraining order (TRO) or permanent restraining order (PRO). If you fight it at TRO level, you can prevent a PRO registration. You may have to surrender handguns, rifles or shotguns until you are proved innocent.

Go through the conditions of TRO very carefully. Comply with the rules strictly. This would increase the chances of preventing a PRO in your records.

A trusted and experienced lawyer increases the credibility of an individual. Hire an attorney who is experienced in dealing with RO cases. This would be a positive step for your case. In addition, the attorney would be able to determine the chances of escaping a PRO.

Tell your side of the story to answer the TRO issues against you. Mention your objections clearly in the document and ask your lawyer to review the document before you submit. You would have a mandatory hearing session while your TRO document is being reviewed. Use this opportunity fully to highlight your side of the story. This would help the court decided whether they can refrain from filing a PRO against you.

Go through the process calmly and trust your lawyer. Follow his orders explicitly and never show your stress visibly during the court sessions. Never attempt to circumvent to TRO or PRO as you would have additional charges filed against you!

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