Where To Get A Restraining Order ?  

One has to follow few simple steps to get a restraining order. The laws for a restraining order vary from state to state in the country so it is necessary to keep that in mind while asking for the order.

First and foremost, one needs to locate the county office. The official website is easily available online which has directions and office hours of the nearest county office. On reaching the office one should ask the clerk at the desk for the forms to be filled for a restraining order. Usually, one is asked about the nature of relationship between the complainant and accused, this makes it easy to ascertain which form is applicable for the particular case. These forms are easily available online so one can download them and fill them ahead of time.

The form must be filled neatly and completely to make sure that all necessary information is available in the form. One needs to sign at the required places to complete it and give it back to the clerk. Remember, the form has to be signed in the presence of the clerk, who, in turn, would then pass it to a judge. The judge will check the form to decide whether the petitioner is in immediate danger or not. Usually the decision to pass the order is taken on the same day as filing the papers.

Once the judge approves and signs the order, the complainant would receive five copies of the same, along with a temporary restraining order that could be valid for just a couple of weeks or so. One needs to make sure the order is served to the abuser and the proof of that is the return of service form.

Remember, once the judge makes his ruling, the restraining order is considered to be effective. This also shows that the court is where you get a restraining order against another person.

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