Legal Facts About Restraining Orders  

        This is a summary of the legal facts about restraining orders. A restraining order is an order issued by a court to a person to stop harming another person who has requested this order. Most commonly, these are given to persons who are stalkers, sexual assaulters or perpetrators of domestic violence.More...


Restraining Order Explained

Restraining Order Explained

A restraining order is a written instruction from the court that informs an individual who is harassing you or the ‘respondent’, to leave you alone. It has the power to direct the respondent to maintain the specified distance from you and your home, work place, your children’s school or day care provider.More...



Restraining Order Requirements

Restraining Order Requirements

A restraining order is probably the solution you need if you are being harassed by a stalker, or are exposed to circumstances that lead to sexual assault or domestic violence. It involves seeking legal help from a court in preventing the person from continuing with his or her actions, and is mostly effective in keeping the situation under control.More...



Criminal Background Checks And Restraining Order

Criminal Background Checks And Restraining Order

In order to find the criminal history of a person, you can do a background check. The background check is a source of identification and authenticity of the individual and reflects the credibility of the person in the society.More...



How To Beat A Restraining Order ?

How To Beat A Restraining Order

Restraining order can cause a lot of emotional stress and hassles in normal life. Hence, if a restraining order has been filed against you, you can possibly fight it before it turns permanent in your criminal record.More...



How To Get A Restraining Order ?

How To Get A Restraining Order

A restraining order is an official document that legally bars a person from coming in contact with another. Restraining orders have been designed to protect those who are being seriously harassed, stalked or threatened with sexual abuse. Violating a restraining order can land the harasser with a fine or jail time, or at times even both.More...



How To Remove A Restraining Order ?

How To Remove A Restraining Order

So you got a restraining order issued against someone whom you considered a potential threat to your safety and wellbeing. However, you two have worked out the differences and would like to give your relationship or association another shot. Unfortunately you just cannot do it since legally it is prohibited. Under such circumstance what you need to do is get the restraining order removed or 'vacated'.More...





Where to get a restraining order ? - Do restraining orders make you safe ?

Do-Restraining-Orders-Make-You-Safe      People, who are abused, take the right step when they decide to end the abusive relationship. However, when the partner gets to know of the decision, they might turn more violent and the situation might get worse for the abused person. Sometimes, a mere mentioning of separation can set off a series of violent reaction. More..




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