Same Sex Marriage Effects On The World  

Today, we see many consequences of the opposition and support movements for same sex marriages that are taking place in the world. For example, the traditional groups in New Hampshire in the United States have begun to lose their grip on the rigid laws against gay marriages and the state is beginning to allow and accept same sex marriages.

As people are becoming more and more aware of their rights and especially basic human rights, it is becoming easier to accept such unions. Today, it comes as no surprise that these partnerships are changing the societal norms all over the world. Though, discrimination and condemnation still exists and unfortunately, will continue against gay couples. This could, in the long run, bring in ugly consequences to the general peace and brotherhood in the world.

One should accept that everyone in our society has a right to live peacefully and not discriminated for their personal choices. The only reason people oppose and condemn them is because they are not following the choices made by most people. Even to this day, there are many gays who are hesitant to go public with their sexual preference or choose a partner for the fear of opposition from the society.

Of the many consequences of same sex marriage on gays are the huge mental stresses they go through to openly talk about their sexual preferences. They do not have enough courage to face the world and declare love for their gay partners. Those who have been fortunate enough to get married are enjoying a happy and peaceful life with their partners, as any normal couple would. Currently, the world is witnessing the increasing economic effects of such marriages.

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Same Sex Marriage Effects On The World

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Same Sex Marriage Effects On The World )
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