Same Sex Marriages And Health Issues  

Typically, one associates diseases like AIDS when one thinks of homosexual relationships. The most common view, which is true to a certain extent, is that gay sex can lead to AIDS, or Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. This health condition is very deadly and is the cause of the highest deaths across the world.

Sex is not always safe in same sex partners. The taboo and excitement often makes gays ignore taking precautions like condoms when they engage in sexual activities with their partners. Even when homosexual individuals become monogamous and stay loyal to one partner for fulfilling their sexual needs, they can still be infected with AIDS.

It has been found in a medical survey that a large number of sexually transmitted diseases or STDs are caused and found in gay people. Illnesses like anal cancer, Chlamydia trachomatis, Cryptosporidium, Herpes simplex virus, HIV and Human papilloma virus (HPV) are more prevalent in gay people. Other serious diseases like Giardia lamblia, Isospora belli, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Microsporidia, and Hepatitis B and C are also prevalent in gay communities.

One of the common arguments is that AIDS is spread by gay couples. Even though this could be true of gay people who do get infected by the HIV virus, it is not entirely true for the entire population. Sometimes, heterosexual couples turn promiscuous and the chances of spreading sexually transmitted diseases increase in them more than gay individuals.

So, when people of the same sex get romantically involved, especially men, then it is advised to take great care while choosing partners and deciding on their active sexual life. This ensures a healthy thing for the couples involved, and also boosts the morale of those gay couples who are contemplating marriage.

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Same Sex Marriages And Health Issues

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Same Sex Marriages And Health Issues )
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