Security And Same Sex Marriage  

Several people in the city of Los Angeles have appealed for common security benefits through a campaign hosted by the Gay and Lesbian Center with government officials of the state. This activity took place on Sunday 12th April 2010 near Hollywood with lots of people gathered together trying to enforce security for the same sex couples. This movement has made some government organizations active to enforce laws for the same sex marriages taking place all around the country.

Same sex marriages has become a major concern for the government of the United States as many new couples are coming ahead to accept each other in front of the society. A government body known as the Congressional Research Service has presented reports on the effects of gay marriages on the Social Security Administration (SSA). There are several laws in force for the regular couples that state the benefits of regular marriage but not a single law states the benefits of the same sex marriages. The regular couples are entitled to the social security benefits in SSA. In a regular marriage, the survivor of the married spouse is benefited if one of the partners is deceased, that too when one partner is husband (definitely a male) and the wife (definitely a female).

The Social Security Act completely depends on sexual characteristics of the people involved in a marriage. Now in case of Gay marriages the same benefits cannot be provided as it violates the conditions stated in the SSA. Gay and lesbian organizations are appealing to the government to introduce laws for the beneficial of the gay community. Laws regarding social security shall be made to benefit the people who are involved in same sex marriages. The SSA is officially bounded to follow the federal meaning of marriage as there is no such law that states benefits for the couples of same sex marriage.

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Security And Same Sex Marriage

States-For-Same-Sex-Marriage      Gay marriages have been made legal in some part of the US. Though, before year 2004, Gay marriages were not allowed in any of the states in America. Six states in the country have legitimately approved same sex marriages; they are Maine, Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, Iowa and New Hampshire. The US has become a nation experiencing movements revolted by the gay community. More..




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Security And Same Sex Marriage )
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