States For Same Sex Marriage  

Gay marriages have been made legal in some part of the US. Though, before year 2004, Gay marriages were not allowed in any of the states in America. Six states in the country have legitimately approved same sex marriages; they are Maine, Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, Iowa and New Hampshire. The US has become a nation experiencing movements revolted by the gay community.

Nearly eighteen thousand couples of the same sex were ordered to marry as per the state law by the Supreme Court of California. The same court defended the constitutional ban on same sex marriage. Around 29 other states were found protecting the gay marriages. In a poll conducted by an American organization, Americans voted heavily against gay marriages and related rights, however the votes are shrinking as we are progressing toward the 21st century. The government in Northeastern region is becoming famous for providing gratitude to same sex marriages. The government in New Jersey, Maine, Columbia and Connecticut is contributing more alternatives towards same sex marriages.

California, Washington and Oregon proposed some additional marriage benefits for same sex marriages. The Hawaii islands and Nevada have tailor made laws that offer some marriage benefits to these couples. The first state to accept same sex marriage was Iowa followed by the order passed by the Supreme Court. A decree on abandoning same sex marriage has been issued by 36 states of America. No action has been taken on the same by these three states New Mexico, New York and Rhode Island.

Gay marriage was allowed to perform out of state in New York, but later a bill was passed to legalize gay marriage. District of Columbia has taken measures to legalize gay marriages and a few officials have recommended marriage rights instead of marriage alternatives. Same set of rules has been followed by the officials in New Jersey.   

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States For Same Sex Marriage

Statistics-Of-Same-Sex-Marriage      In America, same-sex marriages statistics have increased more prominently. The increase in the figure is found out to be greater than twenty percent. Some institutes in America have estimated that the ratio of same sex marriages would increase in next five years. This act is been performed to by many of the couples and is done to reveal the sexuality. More..




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States For Same Sex Marriage )
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