Statistics Of Same Sex Marriage  

In America, same-sex marriages statistics have increased more prominently. The increase in the figure is found out to be greater than twenty percent. Some institutes in America have estimated that the ratio of same sex marriages would increase in next five years. This act is been performed to by many of the couples and is done to reveal the sexuality.

Same sex couples are estimated to be over 7.7 millions in the overall United States which are present in each state and district of the country. All of them are ethnically and culturally different as well as comprise of partners who are economically interdependent. On the other hand, children’s are been raised by almost twenty percent of these same sex couples in America. These types of parents are having little family income, fewer source of incomes and some do not even have their own house. These types of parents may or may not be able to raise children’s properly as they are economically not strong and eventually this is not good for a child’s future.

The numbers of sex couples have been rising continuously across the US and even across the globe. These couples when compared with heterosexual couples are less caring and have a low lifestyle. The number of same sex couples is double in California when compared to New York. California is estimated to have ninety two thousand couples and New York is supposed to have half of that approximately forty five thousand. Same sex marriage is found more in males than females, it is found that fifty one percent of same sex couples are males and forty nine percent of same couples are females. Average age of same sex couples is found to be around forty years much lesser than the age of heterosexual couples, which is found to be 8 years younger than average.

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Statistics Of Same Sex Marriage

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Statistics Of Same Sex Marriage )
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