Ten Reasons To Be Against Gay Marriage  

Gay marriage is against nature. Homosexuality is not natural and playing with unnatural obsessions may create problems for the society as well nature. This unnatural act can be related to the unnatural elements polluting the society. Elements like plastic, inorganic materials, gases and many pollute the atmosphere that is increasing problems for the environment every day. Gay marriages are not allowed in many religions followed in the US, no holy book says anything about gay relationships.

Listed below are ten reasons why gay marriage should be not allowed:

  • Gay marriages are not natural, unnatural elements affects the society which cannot be determined. True Americans always neglect unnatural things.
  • Gay marriages will influence others to become gay, especially those who are involved in unhealthy relationships or are dissatisfied with their partners.
  • Legal gay marriages may unlock the desires of crazy people always thinking of doing crazy things.
  • Normal marriages are practiced since long time in the US and have not changed from several hundred of years. Even the Constitution and every State has several laws for marriage, divorce and annulment.
  • Regular marriages in the US would become less consequential if gay marriages are allowed. More and more people, especially those who are unable to find girlfriends or boyfriends, may get inclined towards this form of relationship.
  • Gay marriages cannot produce siblings as it can be done after regular marriages.
  • Children adopted by gay couples may also become gay like their parents, which is not good for the future of these children.
  • Gay marriages are not allowed in any of the religion throughout the globe. In the US, major population belongs to the Christian community that does not allow gay marriages.
  • A child should get mother’s love and father’s ethics that makes them morally strong to live in the society so we say children should not be raised by solitary parents.
  • Gay marriages could have several other impacts that could disturb the peace and harmony of the society.

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Ten Reasons To Be Against Gay Marriage

Ten-Reasons-To-Support-Gay-Marriage      Gay marriages have always been a part of controversy for many reasons. Most of the populace in the country is anti same sex marriages, and some is supporting same sex marriages. This will continue and there will be no end to it. There are hundreds of reasons for not supporting marriages but one strong reason may force a person to think about gay marriage. More..




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Ten Reasons To Be Against Gay Marriage )
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