Ten Reasons To Support Gay Marriage  

Gay marriages have always been a part of controversy for many reasons. Most of the populace in the country is anti same sex marriages, and some is supporting same sex marriages. This will continue and there will be no end to it. There are hundreds of reasons for not supporting marriages but one strong reason may force a person to think about gay marriage.

Gays are also humans and they have complete rights to stay, work and breathe in the same society as we all are living. The major factors and reasons to support gay marriage are listed below:

  • Everyone in the society, even criminals, traffickers, murderers are allowed to marry and have children, but same sex couples cannot raise children. This is totally unfair for the same sex couples as these people are gays but are not immoral.
  • The child’s attachment with the family members is more important rather than having parents of the same sex.
  • Only Heterosexual parents cannot be good parents. Love, affection, and responsibility are about parenting. Same sex couples possess these types of qualities that can make them good parents.
  • Gay couples should be treated as normal couples. The only thing that irate the gay community is treating their relationship as unnatural. Even some species of animals are homosexual.
  • Equal human rights are practiced by the government of the US where one is allowed to live freely and make his/her own choices. The ban to same sex marriage violates the law.
  • Criticizing a community or a group of people is again a violation of human rights law. So discrimination against the gay community should be made as offensive.
  • Men and Women were God’s marvelous creations. The process of reproduction in a human body is given to produce offspring’s, but the laws for marriage are made in the society. It shall be completely an individual’s choice to marry men or women.
  • Gay couples do not care for caste and creed, but only see love, affection and mutual understanding.
  • They are not bounded by any religious limitations though they follow their religions separately and when people say it is unnatural, against god’s will then why god is listening to them.
  • Gay couples are always targeted by the People or group of people who do not favor others choices or opinions.

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Ten Reasons To Support Gay Marriage

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Ten Reasons To Support Gay Marriage )
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