Top Reasons Why Same Sex Marriages Should Be Legal  

People who support homosexuality along with gays feel same sex marriages should be made legal. Gay couples have suffered humiliation and persecution all over the world for a long time, and they should be given their due respect they deserve.

There are many reasons supporters show for making such unions legal. Human sexuality is a very personal and intimate choice, thus nobody else should have a right over what one’s sexual preferences should be. For example, one cannot dictate whether a man has to have sex with a woman or another man as it is against basic human rights. There are many instances of people who are deeply in love with each other, in spite of them being of the same sex. If they succumb to the pressure of the society and decide to marry someone from the other sex, it might compromise their metal stability.

Marriage is an institution that is very sacred and personal to a human being. As a basic human right, it should be his will to decide when and whom to marry, even if it is a person of the same sex.

It is widely known that AIDS and HIV can spread equally in gay couples as well as heterosexual couples. Now that this has been proven by medical reports, people should disregard the notion that same sex marriages cause the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

When a gay couple contemplates marriage, it is their declaration of their love for each other and to the world. This is an expression of their loyalty to each other, helping to introduce some stability in life. After all, they are just like heterosexuals, and life will simply go on normally after marriage.

Many countries are giving gay couples rights and responsibilities equal to heterosexual marriages. These policies should be increasingly adopted, thus giving all humans an equal right to marriage.

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Top Reasons Why Same Sex Marriages Should Be Legal

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Top Reasons Why Same Sex Marriages Should Be Legal )
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