Arguments For And Against Surrogacy  

Surrogacy though has turned out to be a very popular way of having a child in case of any infertility but there are several aspects associated to it. There are whole lots of ethical, social as well as philosophical issues linked with surrogacy. This is a highly controversial topic and people have their own arguments for and against surrogacy which make them either accept it or deny t completely.

As far as arguments provided by people favoring surrogacy are concerned, there are several including the most important one that it helps a couple have their own child even after suffering from any sort of infertility. Such people argue that this is a great medical option available to them that can help them. There are several benefits like the couple can have a child with their own genes. Some states also allow such an arrangement. The most important fact is that everything is based on contractual agreement that is signed by both the parties, thus there is no such legal issues or doubts associated to it provided it is allowed in that jurisdiction.

On the other hand, there are several ethical issues in the minds of certain set of people who put forward their own arguments against surrogacy. They claim that it is a business where a woman is considered as a machine meant to produce children. These people also oppose the whole pattern including compensation that is being provided to such surrogate women. They also add that it is unethical on both the ends.

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Arguments For And Against Surrogacy

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Arguments For And Against Surrogacy )
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