Conditions Required For Surrogacy  

Today, many women choose surrogacy for different reasons to become mothers. Contrary to common belief that becoming surrogate mother is easy, it requires a woman to undergo a number of tests and fulfill a few conditions to be considered for the role.

In order to make sure that a woman is fit for such a role, she has to fulfill the main conditions related to age and her overall health. Typically the conditions are the age of the woman must be between 21 and 36 but for gestational surrogacy, she could be up to forty-two years old.

She should be in good general health and should not have any sexually transmitted diseases. If she has an active sexual partner, he too must be free from sexually transmitted diseases. It is important that the woman must not be a smoker, and should abstain from drinking alcohol and doing drugs during the pregnancy.

There are programs that prefer women who have been pregnant in the past. This is sometimes included with other conditions as it is believed that having the experience of pregnancy in the past makes the woman capable of being pregnant and handles all the stresses and trials associated with pregnancies. It becomes a waste of time if a woman has trouble becoming pregnant or staying pregnant. However, there are agencies and programs which do not require previous successful pregnancy record.

Psychological evaluations are carried out to make sure that the woman is mentally stable, and is capable of handling stress. A background check of the family is also conducted to make sure that there are no symptoms or mental health disorders that can be transmitted to the child. One of the most important conditions is the financial stability of the woman, because the process of being pregnant requires money. So, an unstable financial status can be challenging to both the mother and the unborn child.

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Conditions Required For Surrogacy

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Conditions Required For Surrogacy )
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