Ethical Issues Related To Surrogacy  

Medical science has really progressed rapidly as now it has brought in some of the technological advancements that can help a childless couple to have their own child in case the mother is not able to bear one because of infertility. Surrogacy is the available option that such people can go for. This is an arrangement where a woman is hired for bearing a child for these kinds of couples in which the surrogate mother can either have it biologically or the embryo may be transferred to her body.

Though it sounds quite advantageous for such couples, there are certain ethical issues related to surrogacy that are put forward by some kind of people:

  • Though the surrogate mother signs a contract with the couple she is bearing a child for but still there are possibilities that the woman may keep the baby and refuse to return it to the couple.
  • The surrogate mother might also demand visitations which may bother the couple in future.
  • Some people also have issues like what would they do if the mother decides to abort the child they are keenly waiting for.
  • One of the most important and commonest ethical issues associated to surrogacy is the fact there are people who consider it as baby selling and thus, stand against it.
  • Some people claim that it has turned into a business and therefore, women are thought of as a machine to bear child. This is what makes people go against such an arrangement.

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Ethical Issues Related To Surrogacy

Facts-About-Surrogacy      Surrogacy, being one of the most talked about as well as the most controversial topic has a lot that needs to be understood by the people. So, given below are certain very important facts about surrogacy that may help one make up his or her mind whether they are for or against this kind of an arrangement. More..




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Ethical Issues Related To Surrogacy )
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