Facts About Surrogacy  

Surrogacy, being one of the most talked about as well as the most controversial topic has a lot that needs to be understood by the people. So, given below are certain very important facts about surrogacy that may help one make up his or her mind whether they are for or against this kind of an arrangement.

Facts About Surrogacy:

  • Surrogacy is a way to provide child to women who are not able to bear their own due to infertility.
  • It is basically an agreement between the couple and the surrogate mother who are involved in the whole process. In this case, the couple that is not able to have their own child can hire any woman known as surrogate mother to bear a child on their behalf.
  • After giving birth to the child, the surrogate mother needs to give it to the couple.
  • Surrogacy can prove really beneficial for both the parties but then it is quite a controversial issue.
  • There are 2 kinds of surrogacy. One includes the traditional surrogacy in which the biological mother that is one who bears a child is doing so in order to give it to a childless couple. The other one known as the gestational surrogacy involves the transfer of embryo into the uterus of the surrogate mother, after which she needs to take care of it till delivery.
  • There are certain laws to be followed and these legal terms and conditions regarding surrogacy vary as per the states.

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Facts About Surrogacy

Feminism-And-Surrogacy      Surrogate mother as per the definitions of people is known to be the woman hired for bearing a child. Surrogate itself means substitute and in this case, the woman acting as a surrogate would not have genetic connection with the child. It is just the matter of fact that she has been implanted with an embryo after which she is responsible for taking care of it. The surrendering woman is the real mother while the one giving birth to the child is the substitute mother. More..




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