How Much Does It Cost For A Surrogacy ?  

Surrogacy is when a woman agrees to bear the child of another couple. The couple may have been unable to bear children for a medical or other non-medical reason. These couples choose surrogacy as an option to fulfill their dreams of having and raising children.

One can classify the types of surrogacy based on the compensation for the pregnancy. The first one is where the woman bears the child out of altruistic reasons, while the other for monetary reasons. 

The latter type is a commercial where a woman is paid for her participation, the time and effort for a successful pregnancy. This can take about thirteen to twenty-five thousand dollars. Other expenses such as travel fees, medical fees and other expenses incurred during the pregnancy are also met by the prospective parents. If the delivery is C-section, then there will be additional fees of two and a half to seven thousand dollars which has to be paid to the surrogate mother. However, these fees are negotiable and depend on the parties involved.

If the egg is donated by someone else, it could hike up the cost by another ten to fifteen thousand dollars. Preferably, the would-be mother and father should donate the egg and sperm to minimize legal complications. The agency will charge around sixteen thousand dollars as administrative expenses. 

However, there are many places like New York and Washington where commercial surrogacy is prohibited. Typically, the total cost could be anywhere around thirty-eight to sixty thousand dollars. The agencies will include costs for legal paperwork also, and the fees of an attorney, which can be around two to ten thousand dollars.

For altruistic surrogacy, payments only cover medical and other pregnancy related expenses.

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How Much Does It Cost For A Surrogacy

How-Much-Does-Surrogacy-Cost      Surrogacy can be a costly affair, but the reward of having a child makes it worthwhile.  The intended parents have to take into account the expenses with every step of the process. They have to pay the surrogacy agency for its counseling, and for their search of the compatible surrogate mother along with her background checks. More..




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How Much Does It Cost For A Surrogacy ? )
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