How Much Does Surrogacy Cost ?  

Surrogacy can be a costly affair, but the reward of having a child makes it worthwhile.  The intended parents have to take into account the expenses with every step of the process. They have to pay the surrogacy agency for its counseling, and for their search of the compatible surrogate mother along with her background checks.

Typically, agencies will charge around sixteen thousand dollars. This can be paid in installments, depending upon the agencies. The fees and costs for insurance, legal help and legal paperwork can be around two to ten thousand dollars. 

In case, the woman is unable to donate an egg and external sources are used to collect the egg, there is an additional charge of ten to fifteen thousand dollars. In some cases, one has to pay for the food and clothing of the surrogate mother. Her service costs are negotiable and can be anywhere between thirteen to twenty-five thousand dollars. If the delivery gets complicated by multiple births or a C-section, then the surrogate mother can charge an extra two and a half to seven thousand dollars. This is in addition to the delivery expenses and the cost of taking care of the baby before it is handed over to the parents.

The surrogate mother’s travel expenses, medical fees, her loss of wages due to the pregnancy and counseling sessions for the surrogate mother if she requests can come around anything between four to six thousand dollars.

To minimize the costs, the couple can try finding a surrogate mother on their own.  Or else, opt for the cheaper gestational surrogacy where the egg and sperm are donated by the prospective parents.

Overall, the couple should be prepared to shell out at least thirty-eight to sixty thousand dollars for surrogacy.

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How Much Does Surrogacy Cost

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How Much Does Surrogacy Cost ? )
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