Nurses Roles In Surrogacy  

Surrogacy refers to an arrangement in which a woman enters into an agreement with a couple to bear their child in her womb. The couple, who in this arrangement reserves the right to claim and bring up the child, is called the arranged parent of the said child. Nurses have a major role to play in surrogacy arrangements and hence the nursing implications of surrogacy cannot be ignored at any cost.

Surrogacy is a kind of a reproductive technique, which is usually used by couples, or individuals, who cannot conceive due to some or the other reason. In this technique, the nurses’ primary role is to ensure that proper provisions are made to care for the surrogate mother. The care is extended by the nurses to the birth mother during regular checkups before pregnancy, during pregnancy, and even in the post-pregnancy period. Detailed and accurate documentation of the care given by the nurses is mandatory.

Besides, the nurses involved in the arrangement must not try to retrieve any information pertaining to surrogacy relations defined in the agreement. Also, it is the ethical obligation of nurses not to take part in discussions made about the custody of the newborn. In case the nurse is asked for help, advice, or suggestions on the same, she must extend support. But, in such a case, she is required to document all the details of concerns and interventions initiated by her during the discussion.

Nurses also sometimes play a primary role of connecting the interested couples with women who are interested in becoming surrogate mothers. However, it is not considered to be ethical and hence, nurses must refrain from doing do both within and outside their employee setting. Nurses that serve in delivery and labor sections must be sure about the party to whom the newborn is being handed over to. In case she is unsure, nurse manager must be contacted. Any error in this case may lead to a lawsuit against the health institution or the nurse involved.

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Nurses Roles In Surrogacy

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Nurses Roles In Surrogacy )
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