Pros And Cons About Surrogacy  

There are a lot of social issues raised regarding surrogacy. A lot of controversy has been generated over the years, but this does not stop people from opting for surrogacy. Here are some of the pros and cons about surrogacy.

One of the pros of surrogacy is that a childless couple can have a child genetically related to them through another woman, and do not have to consider the option of adoption. However, the down side to this comes when the surrogate mother also attaches herself emotionally to the child and refuses to give up the baby. She may actually have legal rights to the baby if she was the egg donor. This could lead to a lengthy lawsuit.

Another side to the story is when the parents require the surrogate mother to donate her egg. She might not be willing as she would not want to be genetically connected with a baby she has to give up. The huge monetary fees to be paid during the whole process are a big hindrance to many couples. The costs can never be fixed as the surrogate mother charges are negotiable and can be around thirteen to twenty-five thousand dollars.

While the intended parents are happy about the forthcoming child, the surrogate mother might be having emotional problems to give up the baby she bore. The intended parents will want to be involved in the pregnancy to feel close to the baby but many a times, the surrogate mother might not welcome these involvements as it might infringe on her privacy.

The surrogacy might be financially beneficial to the surrogate mother. However, if any complications arise and the intended parents refuse to pay for the expenses, then surrogate mother will have to cover it on her own.

Surrogacy is also not free of scams and frauds, and it is known to have its fair share of scams wherein surrogacy agencies are known to dupe unsuspecting couples. Therefore, parents have to be careful while choosing an agency.

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Pros And Cons About Surrogacy

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Pros And Cons About Surrogacy )
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