Fathers Visitation With An Autistic Child  

When a divorce happens, it is usually the children who suffer. They are made to spend time with each parent and end up feeling unwanted as they are bounced between both parents constantly having to adjust to new surroundings and rules. This is all the more difficult for an autistic child.

Usually when a child is autistic, the custody goes to the mother who is seen as the one best equipped to handle the special needs of the child. So, what happens to the father's visitation with an autistic child? As it is breaking through the barrier to get to an autistic child is difficult and it will become harder for a father who is allowed to visit the child just a few times in a month.

A father's visitation with an autistic child can be plagued with emotions from the father who will have to start all over again to get the child to communicate and to regain his or her trust. The best way to handle the visit is to try and build a team or make play dates with the child. Remember, autistic children do not take new things and schedules easily. Therefore, it is in your best interest as a father of an autistic child to keep fixed days and timings when it comes to visitation. This way the child will learn to accept this as a regular feature in his or her life and gradually look forward to it.

During the father's visitation with an autistic child, it is recommended that initially all visits happen at the mother's home as this will be a familiar environment for the child and the chances of flare ups will reduce. After the child learns to accept the visits, you can then gradually try and take the child out without expecting too much in return.

If necessary, use picture cards to communicate with the child as this will allow the child to take in information in his or her own pace without getting all worked up about the transition and changes.

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Fathers Visitation With An Autistic Child

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Fathers Visitation With An Autistic Child )
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