Judge Overrules Parents Denial Of Visitation Cases  

Imagine the frustration and anger you will feel when your ex-spouse starts creating hurdles when you visit your child. There have been many cases about parents denial of visitation. However, sometimes these obstacles are unintentional like making an emergency visit to the doctor just when it is your scheduled visit.

However, what we are talking about is not accidental incidents of parents denying visitation to non-custodial parents. Rather we are talking about deliberate intent. There have many incidents where custodial parents deny visitation with the sole purpose of hurting their divorced spouse without realizing the repercussions such incidents will have on the child. In fact, you may know of judge overrules parents denial of visitation cases. What this basically means is that when a parent deliberately tries to keep the non-custodial parent from meeting and spending time with the child, the non-custodial parent can go to court. In such cases, the custody rights can either be modified or terminated and this can happen even if the non-custodial parent is not paying regular child support as both are not linked.

Parent visitation is integral for proper emotional and mental development of a child and hence, it is always encouraged. The only way a non-custodial parent can have a meaningful relationship with his or her child is through visitation.

Judge Overrules Parents Denial Of Visitation Cases:
Take the case of Carla K Taylor and Jay G Taylor. They were divorced and then two years after the divorce, Carla, the custodial parent, decided to move from Oklahoma City to Colorado without informing her ex-spouse. Jay only discovered about the move when he came for his schedule visit to meet his daughter Cerita. This move made reasonable visitation impossible for Jay and it was clear that Carla had created obstacles and was not complying with the visitation arrangements previously agreed upon.

Even when a court order was sent to Carla to comply with the visitation arrangement, she did not do so. This led Jay to approach the court in Colorado so that he could get Carla to allow him access to his daughter.

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Judge Overrules Parents Denial Of Visitation Cases

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Judge Overrules Parents Denial Of Visitation Cases )
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