Justification For Requesting Grandparents Visitation  

A few decades ago, grandparents' visitation was unheard of. However, today nearly all states in the US have laws that authorize a family court to allow grandparents' visitation under certain special circumstances. However, there is a justification for requesting grandparents' visitation.

The justification for requesting grandparents' visitation in most states is as follows:

  • Grandparents can get visitation rights if they can show to the court that they have a pre-existing bond with their grandchild.
  • When both parents are married and living together with the child, grandparents can get visitation rights as long as one of the parents joins the grandparents in the petition.

In some states like Virginia, when a family is intact, grandparents can go to court to seek visitation without a joint petition from one parent. This can be done even if the parent objects to the visit or can show that the child could be harmed by the visit. This is an anomaly as most family courts in other states do not allow grandparents to come to court when a family is intact. This is basically done to preserve the parents' right to raise their child the way they want to.

However, there is a need for justification for requesting grandparents' visitation as without this justification no court will allow grandparents to have access to grandchildren. Usually grandparents are stopped from seeing grandchildren, if the parent does not approve of the grandparents or does not get on well with them or thinks they will be a bad influence on the children.

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Justification For Requesting Grandparents Visitation

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Justification For Requesting Grandparents Visitation )
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