Negative Effects Of Grandparent Visitation  

Having a grandparent's love and attention is considered important aspect of a child's development. However, there can be incidences when there are negative effects of a grandparent's visitation. So, when does this negative effect happen?

There can be cases when a grandparent acts badly wherein he or she indulges and gives in to a grandchild, buys inappropriate gifts, or takes a child off for ear piercing or baptism without getting permission or consent from the parents. In cases like these, parents feel that the grandparent is undermining their authority by getting the child to do the very things that they said no to or do not approve of.

According to sociologists, most dysfunctional family patterns are passed on from grandparents to grandchildren. In addition, a grandparent has a lot of social influence on a grandchild and can become a negative role model for the child.

Many parents see the way a grandparent allows a child to stay up late, allows a child to watch shows on television that the parents disapprove of or allows a child to eat too much candy as being negative effects of grandparent visitation. Other times when a parent is reprimanding the child for being naughty or doing things the parent did not like or approve of, the grandparent may come in the middle and undermine the act of disciplining or the authority of the parent. This is also viewed as negative effect of grandparent visitation.

When negative effects of grandparent visitation occurs, it becomes quite a problem to tackle the situation. On one hand if you tell the grandparent about this, he or she will feel that you are deliberately trying to keep the child apart from the grandparent, and on the other hand condoning the effects will end up making it difficult for you to discipline your child for the same act next time.

If the acts are trivial and have no real bearing you can forget about them because most children are aware that when a grandparent visits, certain amount of leeway is given. However, if things go out of hand, you will have to set your foot down. This means being firm with the grandparent about things that are completely non-negotiable under any circumstances and the best time to tackle this situation is when bad behavior from the grandparent does not happen. Do not wait until a rule is broken and tension is running high to speak to the grandparent about the negative effects of his or her visitation.

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Negative Effects Of Grandparent Visitation

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