Response Motion For Visitation Modification  

If you are divorced, you know how important child visitation is. However, if your ex-spouse files a motion for visitation modification, the appropriate thing to do is to file a response motion for visitation modification.

When filing a response motion for visitation modification, you will have fill out forms. Make sure when you are filling out the forms, you take care of the following things:

  • You have fill out the case heading, which will be the same as that on the motion you were served.
  • Certain forms may have to be notarized and you can get notary service from banks.
  • Some forms may have to be signed in front of the court clerk. So, make sure you check this before signing any forms.
  • Make sure that your current address is kept up to date with the family court so that you get all hearing notices.
  • When filing any document in the court, make a copy for your records. Only original documents have to be submitted in the court.

When you are served with a motion for visitation modification, you usually have 30 days after this to file your response. Make sure you do it and pay all the necessary fees at the time of filing your response motion for visitation modification. In case you are not financially sound and are unable to pay the filing fees, check with the court clerk. There may be forms available that allow the court to waive or defer the response motion filing fee.

Make sure you mail the copy of the response motion for visitation modification to your ex-spouse in case he or she does not have an attorney. Thereafter, fill out the Certificate of Mailing form and file it in the court so that the court knows you kept your ex-spouse informed.

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Response Motion For Visitation Modification

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