Visitation Schedule For Infant  

As it is creating a visitation schedule for a child is difficult but it becomes all the more problematic when an infant is involved. Nearly in all cases the custody of the infant will be given to the mother because this is the time when most infants are breastfed and separating the infant from the mother can be harmful for the baby. However, fathers are given visitation rights for infants and this is to promote bonding with the father.

When it comes to visitation for infant, a visitation schedule needs to be planned so that the infant is not far from the mother for very long. Visitation schedule for infant should always put the infant's needs first and then those of the parents.

Planning a Visitation Schedule for Infant:

  • Visitation duration should be made according to the time the infant is comfortable being away from the mother. In order to find this out, both parents would have sit down and plan this out. Usually an infant wants his mother constantly but may be comfortable being with the father in between feeds. If the mother is working, then the infant may be more used to being separated from the mother for longer periods of time. In which case, it is quite possible for the father to spend that many hours with the baby.
  • If the infant is very small, then there is a need for the baby to have more frequent visits from the father. Infants do not have long memories and therefore, it makes sense to have a visitation schedule for infant where the father spends time with the baby everyday.
  • As the infant grows, the visitation schedule for infant can be increased in duration. However, it may still not be feasible for the infant to have overnight stays with the father at this point but the length of each visit can be made longer.

When planning a visitation schedule for infant, it is important to take into consideration the father's involvement in the upbringing since the birth of the infant. A point to remember is that when making the schedule, both parents may have to face inconvenience but they have ultimately take steps to ensure that the best interests of the infant are served.

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Visitation Schedule For Infant

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