Citizenship Status For Children Born With Dual Citizenship


       A dual citizenship does not mean that a child is born with the citizenship of two countries and in most cases it is a matter of choice. By law, a child who is born in the soil of the United States is the citizen of the country and the state the child was born in. If the parents belong to different nationality and country of origin, then it is the choice of the parents to choose the nationality of their choice.


The child is completely eligible for a passport of the United States. Once the child reaches the age of 18 years, he or she can take an independent decision at that time with regard to their United States citizenship.More...

Legality of Getting Paid To Marry For Us Citizenship

Legality Getting Paid To Marry For Us Citizenship

People from many countries that are underdeveloped try to get into the United States and acquire a US citizenship. There is no limit to the efforts that people make to get the citizenship of the country. However, as the law has its restrictions, there are only a few ways in which a person can get the much valued and coveted citizenship.

There is no easy and difficult way of getting it but the time factors in each different procedure varies. More...

Lesson Plans For Good Citizenship

Lesson Plans For Good Citizenship

Being a citizen of a country other than you were born in also means that you have the indebted responsibility of being a good citizen. Being a good citizen is just not about being a nice person to others, there are several other responsibilities that you would need to fulfill as a citizen of that country.

These responsibilities are based on laws and justice of the country. In a country like the United States,More...





Lesson plans for good citizenship - Citizenship status for children born with dual citizenship



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Lesson plans for good citizenship - Citizenship status for children born with dual citizenship )
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