Illegal Deportation Of The United States  

Any person who lives in the United States of America as an immigrant and breaks the laws of the country can be deported to his/her respective country.

Also, people who have illegally migrated and crossed the borders of the United States unlawfully can be deported to their own country without warning or notice.

Deportation often happens with people who are illegal immigrants. Most of the illegal immigrants are from the neighboring countries like Mexico and Cuba in the United States. It is easy for them to cross the border and get into the country. However, on being caught, these people are deported to their own countries. Some people, based on their position, may be allowed to stay through proper legal procedures. However, there have been some rare cases of illegal deportation in the United States.

After the September 11 attacks the Homeland Security and the Immigration laws have become more difficult. There were severe combing operations and efforts made to identify illegal immigrants and send them back. People from several countries like Iraq, Iran, Mexico and even Pakistan were found to be staying in the country illegally. However, there were some genuine cases who had the right to live in the country and were still deported for Homeland Security reasons. These people may not necessarily have been convicted of anything. Such people can always approach the right immigration attorney and build their case legally. Though it may take a long time to resolve the case, they can get a permit to stay.

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Illegal Deportation Of The United States

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Illegal Deportation Of The United States )
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