Is Deportation A Punishment Or Penalty ?  

Any person who has overstayed their visa permit is liable of removal through deportation. Unless a person appeals for an extension of stay 42 days before the last day of stay, they will get deported. In the case of immigrants who are staying without a visa, deportation is a penalty.

Legal immigrants always have a choice of extending their stay by following the right procedure and people who do not do this as per procedures are penalized for their neglect.  In the case of illegal immigrants, deportation is the only action taken.  However, people who have disobeyed the law or broken laws are deported and for them it is a punishment.

Deportation is treated as a punishment when a person has the authorization to stay but is not aiding the laws and not being lawful to the country. Any action that involves, cheating, treachery, violence or crime can make a person eligible for the punishment. If he or she has been established as a bad citizen in the eyes of law, then the punishment of deportation is given.

Deportation is given as a penalty to people who did not follow the rules set by the Homeland Security and Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS). There are many immigration laws governing the rights of the immigrants in the United States and several laws even accommodate extension of stay period under various categories for the immigrants. If they do not find out the laws and follow rules which are for their benefit, then they are eligible to be deported.

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Is Deportation A Punishment Or Penalty

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Is Deportation A Punishment Or Penalty ? )
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