What Is The Definition Of Deportation ?  

Many people actually confuse deportation with extradition; while both of them are quite different from each other.

Extradition is forcible expulsion of someone from the country whether they are a citizen or not. It is similar to an exile where they are not allowed back into the country. Deportation means expulsion of foreigners and others who are not supposed to be staying in the country as they are not authorized to.

It is a kind of penalty for people and travelers who stay without permission in the country.

There are several illegal immigrants in the United States and usually these people are removed from the country using deportation procedures. Most of the immigrants come to the country by crossing the border from the neighboring country.

There are several reasons for deportation by law in the United States. Violating the US laws, or the immigration laws can be the cause of deportation. People can also be deported if they encourage other illegal immigrants to enter the country or they sponsor a person through false proof and fabrication of details. The causes for deportation are mostly based on laws. Also, if a person was later found to have produced false papers for entering the United States, he or she can be immediately deported on discovery. Furthermore, engaging in criminal act or narcotics can cause a person to be deported from the country.

However, to avoid deportation, one must abide by all the laws and also make sure that they follow the immigration rules accurately.

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What Is The Definition Of Deportation

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What Is The Definition Of Deportation ? )
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