Being A Co Sponsor And Green Card  

There are several conditions that have to be fulfilled in order to be a co sponsor for a Green Card in the United States.

The first criterion is that the person should be an immediate relative of the US citizen in order to be cosponsored. The immediate relative does not need to be in the non-immigrant status and also need not be admitted into the US with valid visa.

If the beneficiary is a person, who is the immediate relative of the US citizen, then in that case the citizen can file a petition for immigration of the beneficiary and also the beneficiary can file an Application for Adjustment Status in the country. All these rules apply to a beneficiary who is already in the United States.

In case the beneficiary lives outside the United States, he will need to file the petition and also notify the consulate of the country the beneficiary lives in. Reading in legal terms may be confusing but when it is interpreted in simple language it means that when the person who has to be co sponsored in US lives outside the country, then the petition has to be filed in such a way that the consulate of that country and US immigration have the papers. Whereas if the person lives within the country, then the process of co sponsorship is a lot easier and the papers have to be filed with US immigration department.

The primary rule is that the person who is a sponsor should be a United States citizen in order to be eligible to co sponsoring others.

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Being A Co Sponsor And Green Card

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Being A Co Sponsor And Green Card )
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