Green Card Interview Secrets  

For most immigrants getting the Green Card is like a lifetime achievement and probably the happiest day in their lives. The insecurity that they have been living with is suddenly gone away after getting the Green Card.

In order to be successful in getting the Green Card, one has to do well in the interview. First impression makes a lasting impression whether it is good or bad.

Going for a Green Card interview is more or less like attending a job interview and one has to go through it very carefully. The first impression starts from the way you dress to how you have groomed yourself for the occasion. Dress in formals when you go for the interview and sound and look as dignified as you can. Also, dress formally to the American taste as it shows that you have adjusted well to the local environment and that is what they need in the country.

Make sure you are polite always and not matter to who you are speaking with. Do not be impatient and tensed while waiting for the interview as it spoils a lot of things for you in terms of confidence. Be patient and show that you are comfortable. Also, do not talk too much on the cell phones as the office environment gets too noisy for them.

When you meet the interviewer greet them with respect and if you want you can give a firm handshake. All the papers and any document that you might need for the interview should be organized neatly into a folder and kept handy. Never look frazzled and scramble around for things in a bag when the interviewer asks for something. Show that you are responsible and organized.

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Green Card Interview Secrets

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