Green Card Renewal Requirements  

Every person should know the Green Card renewal requirements so that they can avoid making filing mistakes which will only delay the process to a large extent. All the requirements are mostly listed on the US government website and they are easy to understand.

However, if you have any questions or doubts, you should call them and ask what you should do first before filing the papers. Green Card is also known as the permanent resident card which means you do not have to run around renewing visas and spending money every few years. The Green Card gives you the status of being a lawful permanent resident or LPR in the United States. Usually these cards are given for a specific time period like 10 years, for example. During these 10 years, you have the legal right to live in the United States and also work there. In addition, you have the right to set up your own business in the United States.

Green Card renewal is done during the expiry period of the Card and the form is called I 90. All the fields to be filled are clearly mentioned and also it has a list of instructions attached with it. You can read the instructions and if you still did not understand, you can always call the authorities and ask for help with filling the form. There are a lot of resources and help available on the Internet too.

After filling the form, you need to go to the local USCIS office to get a new permanent Card. Some things you would need are personal identification like driver’s license or passport, three new passport photos, alien registration number, photocopies of the front and back of the green card, evidence of last departure from the U.S and renewal application fee.

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Green Card Renewal Requirements

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