How Can A Legal Child Help And Illegal Parent Get Green Card ?  

The parent of a United States citizen is considered as an immediate relative by the US immigration law and they are eligible for permanent residence status. However, the child should at least 21 years of age to apply for his or her parents.

In case the child has been adopted, then the adoption should have taken place and been finalized before the child reached 16 years of age. Also, the parents should have lived with the child with legal custody for at least two years. In case the child has step parents, then the marriage that created the step child should have taken place before the child turned 18 years old. However, parents-in-law are not considered immediate relatives and cannot be sponsored by the child.

Also, the processing of application completely depends on the place of residence of the parents. If they already live in the United States and have a non immigrant status, they can file a immigration petition through the child and ask for adjustment of status along with it. In case they live outside the United States, the US citizen should file with USCIS and request the US consulate to approach the consulate of that respective country. Once the parents reach the United States, they can apply for the immigrant visa.

Based on the scenario different documents would be needed as proof to establish the relationship status. They may ask for pictures, tangential proof like school records, proof of parent’s involvement in the child's upbringing and much more.

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How Can A Legal Child Help And Illegal Parent Get Green Card

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How Can A Legal Child Help And Illegal Parent Get Green Card ? )
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