How Is Currently The Green Card For USA Looks ?  

A permanent residency card is called a green card in the United States. It is used as an identification to determine that an alien resident can hold permanent residency in the United States.

Green Card holders have several benefits that are common with the citizens but some benefits are held back like voting rights, for example.

The Green Card is a proof for a person that he or she is a lawful permanent resident or LPR. These Cards are issued by the INS or the Immigration and Naturalization Services. Every year, the INS processes thousands of forms under various categories for Green Card. There are at millions of people working in the United States and from different nationality and are waiting for their Cards.

The Green Card, which is so much in demand, does not look any different from a driver’s license card or any government issued ID card. The whole importance of it comes from the meaning and the purpose of the card. Usually the Cards are issued to people with families and children and the whole family will still have one single Card.

People usually come into the United States on work permits and work there for a few years. Once they are sure that they would like to live in the country they apply for the Green Card by requesting a petition from their employer. If they are lucky and the employer puts in a petition based on the category of the employee like preferred worker, or priority based worker, the green card is processed.

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How Is Currently The Green Card For Usa Looks

How-Long-Can-I-Stay-Out-Of-Us-If-I-Have-A-Green-Card      Green Card is a United States permanent residency card and it gives the Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) status to the holder and his family. The person who holds the Card has a lot of freedom and benefits by having it. More..




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How Is Currently The Green Card For Usa Looks ? )
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