Crime Rate Amongst Immigrants In France  

Crime rate has been increasing in several countries including America, Britain and France. However, in comparison to all the above countries, France still has a lower crime rate. France is a developed country with a stable government.

Several tourists come to France every year for various purposes and some students also come here every year to do various college courses. Paris being the most popular city in the country attracts millions of visitors each year. However stringent the government rules are about allowing visas for tourist and making rules, some illegal immigrants do manage to surface. France is relatively safe because the entry points into the country are few and most of them well guarded. It is difficult to breach these points to get in. the most common types of immigrants are people whose visa expires and they do not leave the country on the scheduled day.

However, with the rise in Islamic militants all over the world, these militants are gaining access to any country through visitor visas. Even France has been experiencing the problem of notorious tourists who are responsible for the crime rate in the country. France shares open borders with other neighboring countries in the Schengen area. This might also let in some terrorists to get into the country.  Though America has been the prime target of terrorists, even France in the past few years is growing in popularity with them. Tourists visiting France should be vigilant about their belongings and also be alert in public places.

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Crime Rate Amongst Immigrants In France

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Crime Rate Amongst Immigrants In France )
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