How Many Immigrants Come To America Each Year?  

Today, in America at least 20 million immigrants are living and roaming freely. Many of them are working and doing odd jobs to feed their family, while most of them also steal others social security numbers to get a job.

Currently America maintains that the illegal immigration is under control as compared to 1991 to 2000 statistics. The United States claims that in the current decade nearly 10 million immigrants settled in the country. Every year, the number of legal immigrants coming into the country is nearly one hundred thousand and sometimes more. Most of them come in search of jobs or to study. The chances are high that they would eventually apply for a Green Card. Most of the immigrants coming in the legal category are from countries like India, Korea, and China. A lot of these people come for higher studies and end up settling down in the country.

It is the illegal immigrants who are more difficult to account for. They come in the form of tourists, or cross the border to get into the United States. Today, the total population of legal immigrants goes to more than 76 million and if the number of illegal immigrants is taken into account, then the total number of immigrants will shoot up to nearly 100 million.

Immigrants, whether illegal or legal, belong to all kinds of nationalities. The problem is the statistics also takes into account people who have come on temporary visa or short stays. Many of these might actually return and go back to their own country. That is why the statistics keep changing year after year and the numbers vary by a large margin.

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How Many Immigrants Come To America Each Year

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How Many Immigrants Come To America Each Year ? )
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