How Many Immigrants Move To America ?  

Any immigrant who is thinking about moving to America has a lot to deal with in the future when they actually move.

First of all they have to establish legal proof of residence and make sure their case complies with all the rules and regulations of the United States Center for Immigration Services or the USCIS.

Immigrants often face a difficult life because the local attitude towards them is different. It is as though they come from a place that does not exist. Actually seeing immigrants in the United States is a common sight because a few thousands of them come into the country every year. Most of them coming into the country come for better opportunities as their country has none. 

Several people may come to the United States under different visa categories like tourist, work, H1 and others. How many of them will actually change that status is a big question. People who work with multinational companies come on temporary visas and some of them convert their status by extending their visas while others return. To treat everyone as immigrant is not a fair thing to do for the numbers. However, students who come to study in the United States have the highest chances off settling down in the country. They find jobs there and also process their Green Card soon enough. That is when immigrants can be considered as permanent American residents. Several people may actually have to leave because they may not have jobs and also their Green Card application may have been rejected.

It is estimated that annually around 76 million legal immigrants come to America and another 24 million enter the country illegally.

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How Many Immigrants Move To America

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How Many Immigrants Move To America ? )
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