Illegal Immigrant Problems  

America has actually been named the nation of immigrants because there are so many of them living there. The growing number of immigrants, who are illegal, is also causing other problems like terrorism for the country. There are several problems for an immigrant living in the United States.

When they want to covert their status into permanent residency in the current economic scenario, they are faced with several problems. The first problem is that there is more laying off jobs and employers are totally restraining from giving any benefits to their people including Green Card processing. People who have been depending on their companies for Green Cards have no place to turn to. Also, the immigration services department has become extremely vigilant after the 9/11 attacks and is scrutinizing every single application. Even minor mistakes and negligible errors are being discarded and disqualified for permanent residency.

It is big problem for legal immigrants to manage their residency and for illegal immigrants there is absolutely no scope but either to live in fear and insecurity or just return to their country. No big organization will employ unauthorized immigrants. When they begin their own families they will face more inconveniences when it comes to schooling for their children and also availing housing facilities. Though immigrants are able to earn money, their rights are very limited and they can never afford to get in trouble with law. In addition, when they have legal problems they may not be in a good position to bargain and most of the times they end up being harassed.

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Illegal Immigrant Problems

Jobs-Illegal-Immigrants-Do      There are thousands of illegal immigrants in the United States doing several kinds of jobs. Some are working on the basis of false identity and a stolen social security number. These people pay taxes and do everything that normal legal workers do. More..




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Illegal Immigrant Problems )
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