Jobs Illegal Immigrants Do  

There are thousands of illegal immigrants in the United States doing several kinds of jobs. Some are working on the basis of false identity and a stolen social security number. These people pay taxes and do everything that normal legal workers do.

Other illegal immigrants who do not have access to social security number and any legal identification are forced to live on small and odd jobs. Many work as cleaning service agents, helpers, drivers, many other low skilled jobs. Several of them even work in restaurants and do other odd jobs like plumbing, carpentry and gardening. Some of the jobs that illegal immigrants do on a common basis are carpentry, dry wall installers, roofers, plumbers, tile installers, masons and brick layers.

The low skilled labor jobs are based on daily wages and are not salaried. However, they tend to be good in their jobs and manage to earn quite a bit day wages and run their families. The benefit is if not for the immigrants, it is very difficult to find people who can do common repairs at home. These are actually not low skilled problems because plumbing or building can actually be a difficult job. Also, professional who have studied to do this job charge quite a lot and it takes physical strength to be good in these kinds of jobs. Since America lacks skilled labor for these kinds of jobs, the only way out is to have illegal immigrants do the jobs. They are also contributing to the economy at the same time.

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Jobs Illegal Immigrants Do

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Jobs Illegal Immigrants Do )
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