Should Illegal Immigrants Become Citizens  

Illegal immigrants do not necessarily mean bad people or criminals. They do deserve a chance to become legalized residents of the United States based on their background.

However, the process of permanent residency or citizenship for a illegal resident is completely different from that of a normal legal immigrant.

If the illegal immigrants have any means through which they can stay back in the country or a relative who can sponsor them, then may be it is possible. If they have no one in the country but are on their own, then they have no choice but to get deported eventually. However, the only other way is to join the army and there are very limited jobs there too. Any person who serves the army for 4 years in active duty can get qualified for Green Card. They can also give a citizenship exam to qualify for citizenship.

The only other way for illegal immigrants is to marry a legal American citizen or a Green Card holder. However, there are several things one needs to prove when they are getting married to a American citizen and questions will come back to the start as to how they gained entry into the country and lived there for so long. Getting married to a US citizen is ultimately the fastest way to get citizenship. However, even for this the person has to have entered legally into the Unite States and not be crossing the border illegally. If one can prove that their intention to marry is clean, then they can easily get permanent residency rights.

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Should Illegal Immigrants Become Citizens

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Should Illegal Immigrants Become Citizens )
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