Why Do Illegal Immigrants Come To America ?  

Why do illegal immigrants come to America? This is a much argued question in the United States and many people tend to believe that illegal immigrants come to the United States because they are too poor to live in their own country and it is not fair for America to not allow the poor people in.

However, this is only partially true and there are several other reasons why illegal immigrants come into the country. Another reason is based on simple economics and that is supply and demand. There is a severe dearth of skilled labor in various fields in America and if not for immigrants, the country would have been impossible to run. It is not possible to find every kind of labor we need in such a diverse set of population.  America also needs people in lower rung jobs which right now are being fulfilled well by the illegal immigrants from Mexico.

If these people did not exist, then it would have been impossible to build a house and do the flooring without paying through your nose and also getting plumbing work done or finding help every time you move residences. America needs to have cheap labor and at the same time the illegal immigrants are ones who do it for you. Since there is a severe demand for lower rung jobs and cheap labor, immigrants will continue coming to America as long as this demand exists. It is simple micro economics and if America wants changes, then the changes should take place at all levels or else there will always be a chance of infiltration.

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Why Do Illegal Immigrants Come To America

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Why Do Illegal Immigrants Come To America ? )
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