Why Were Ellis Island Immigrants Deported ?  

Around the year 1892 to the year of 1954, there were several people who crossed into the United States as immigrants through Ellis Island. That was almost the welcome point for immigrants into America and was regarded as the port of entry for most immigrants.

Nearly 12 million people came during those years and it is a very popular story. Ellis Island also played a role of point of deportation to many illegal immigrants who lived in the country. Ellis Island became very significant in American history and literally was the golden door of opportunity for several immigrants.

However, not every one had an easy entry at that time and they were allowed inside only after thorough medical check up and this check up was conducted quickly and people were checked for some popular symptoms. The diseases that were prevalent then were cholera, favus, tuberculosis and other disorders. Any person who was sick was not allowed to get into the country.

During the late 18th century, people were pouring into the country in huge numbers and at the same time several of them were being sent out in large numbers because they were found physically or mentally unfit. Even people who were traveling with their own spouse or child were separated because of a sickness or illness. Even toddlers and babies were checked for illnesses. Other than medical reasons, people who were found to be offensive or bad in behavior were deported immediately. Because several people kept coming everyday, most people had to stay on the island before they were permitted into the mainland United States.

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Why Were Ellis Island Immigrants Deported

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Why Were Ellis Island Immigrants Deported ? )
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