Why Would Immigrants Come To Canada ?  

Canada has also grown in popularity along with the United States because the values in both the countries are similar and there was equal number of lucrative opportunities.

Also, one of the reasons is people who came in reach of opportunities to the United States and came through Canada decided to stay in Canada.

The first people to come to Canada were Europeans and they came because the condition in Europe was bad with diseases and the revolutionary war. Many people from England and France moved to this new found country and started building their future. Even today, several people from England prefer living in Canada and also many people from France live here.

For people from other countries, Canada is the starting point of their American dream. Many people try to get into Canada first either to study or work with the view of migrating to the United States and ultimately be in the place where they have always wanted to live and work.

Though America encourages a lot of students to come into the country, going to America for work is not at all easy. However, it is not so bad with countries like Canada, which makes it easy for international employment. Canada served as a passage route for several people to get into the United States in the mid 111980 to 2000. The economic growth in America was tremendous during that period and naturally people were finding alternate methods to enter the country.

Today, Canada has a diverse set of people and many people like Indians, Chinese, French, Germans, Sri Lankans, and Bangladeshis have made Canada their permanent home.

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Why Would Immigrants Come To Canada

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Why Would Immigrants Come To Canada ? )
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