Immigration Of The Early 1900s  

During the depression in the United States in 1890, in the same decade the immigration numbers went up from a mere 3.5 million people to 9 million. It increased nearly 2 quarter times in one single decade.

Not only the European immigrants continued pouring into the country but also people from other countries started coming in as well. After the 18th century, immigrants mainly came from eastern and the southern European countries. People from Canada and Latin America were also coming in as immigrants at that point of time.

By the first decade in 19th century, the main immigrants were eastern and southern Europeans, who formed nearly 70 percent of the population. They were easily the majority and the remaining immigrants existed as minority.

After the war began in 1914, there was a significant decrease in the number of immigrants coming into the United States. Immediately after that in 1920, there were several immigration restrictions and people could not go to America as easily.  Many people during the time of war who came to the United States as immigrants were coming to escape racism, political persecution and punishments from law. Also, many people were brought in the 19th century to the United States from Japan, and Africa as labor. This included people from Italy, Greece, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, and Bohemia.

Different people from different nationalities settled into various areas of work. Like some were involved in rail road construction and some in mills, while others in mining. Many were also employed by the agricultural sector.

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Immigration Of The Early 1900s

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Immigration Of The Early 1900s )
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