Globalization And Naturalization  

Citizenship is a type of membership that is obtained through naturalization in the United States. By becoming a citizen, the person living in that country can enjoy all the benefits that any other citizen enjoys.

Citizenship also means that the person is identified and specified as an American to the remaining countries in the world. He is protected and liable to the laws that govern the government body of America. While the word citizenship and naturalization are used in the same context, globalization is a totally different perspective.

The United States has been more under the influence of immigrants from Asian countries who take up the maximum numbers in the overall visa allotments for the country. Many people from European countries are not able to get Green Cards and even visas or work permits because of the quota being filled. That is why United States Immigration established the lucky draw system where many Europeans can avail a chance of citizenship in the United States.

This is an effort to globalize the population of the United States rather than having one particular race or ethnic background in the country dominating over others. It is also an effort to create racial equality to avoid future problems for the country. People who have lived in other countries and born elsewhere come from a different cultural background and later settle in the United States and adjust to a different culture. It is an aspect of globalization which makes a person fit in anywhere in the world.

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Globalization And Naturalization

How-To-Obtain-Naturalization      Obtaining naturalization is a time consuming and a long process and one needs patience to go through the whole process. The only way a person can become a naturalized citizen of the United States is by being born in the country or by applying for citizenship. The first one is an easier option if one had a choice. More..




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Globalization And Naturalization )
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