Reason For US Naturalization  

People who spent more than five to six years in the United States and lived there would never want to leave the country again even to go back and live in their own country. Since they have already worked and lived in the United States, they find it more convenient to continue living there.

However, for every person to live legally in the United States, they have to keep upgrading their visa and changing their residency status. People who obtain the permanent residency card become naturally eligible for citizenship after living in the country for a few years as permanent resident.  Most people are prepared to wait even a life time to get the naturalized so that they can live the rest of their life in security and dignity in the country.

The US naturalization process requires that the person who has applied for it should be able to establish continuous residency and their presence legally in the United States.  They have to be legal resident of some district in the United States. They should be able to read, write and speak English and also be able to understand the US history and government policies. They should have never indulged in criminal activities and have a good moral character. They should be attached to the principles of the country and also have a favorable disposition to the nation.

These are some of the grounds that a US resident is tested upon before being granted citizenship. Also, a person who has undergone naturalization can vote and have other constitutional rights which no one else as an immigrant or permanent resident will have.

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Reason For Us Naturalization

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