What Are The Steps To The Naturalization Process ?  

There are several steps involved in the naturalization process. The first step is to fill the form N-400 completely and accurately.

If you make any mistakes on the form or do not give complete information, then you may never get the citizenship and your form will be rejected right away. Incomplete forms are directly discarded.

The next step after the filling the form is to get 2 latest photographs and they should be clear. Tell the photographer for what purpose you are taking them and make sure it meets the requirements mentioned on the form.

The third step is to get all the photocopies of the required documents and make sure you photocopy the front and back of the documents if necessary. If there is any such document that is not in English, then translates it and attach it to the form before submitting it.

After you send in your application, you have to send in the appropriate fee and wait for an answer. However, you will get a personal identification number in mail and you can check with it by calling them. Once your application number becomes available, you will be called for an interview and even the interview does not guarantee a citizenship.

If you clear the written exam and interview, you will be granted the citizenship. The naturalization process is the last step where you are required to be present at the court to receive it. Also, you will need to take an oath as a citizen of the United States in front of the US law officials.

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What Are The Steps To The Naturalization Process

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What Are The Steps To The Naturalization Process ? )
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