Do I Need A Passport To Visit Canada ?  

The Canadian government recently reviewed their immigration policies and after June 1, 2009, any person from any country will need a valid passport and a visa to travel to Canada by air, land or water. This also includes United States citizens and they are no exceptions.

Prior to June, there was no need for people traveling to Canada from the United States to have a visa. However, with growing terrorism threats, every country is changing its immigration procedures to suit their own safety. Also, another aspect of this condition is that even if US citizens travel to Canada without their passport, then they cannot re-enter into their own country from Canada without a valid passport. In any case, one would need a passport to travel between Canada and the United States.

So whether you are a United States citizen traveling to Canada or a citizen of any other country who is traveling from United States to Canada, you have to produce a valid document of travel like passport and visa.

Due to the friendly border agreement between the United States and Canada, there may be no need for a visa for US citizens to visit the country. However, showing a valid passport has become essential to be allowed into the country.  It is a more sensible pact because it does not make any sense to allow a person into the country who is not holding a valid document to return home either. If a person does not have a passport, then he can apply for one and get it within 24 hours through express services.

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Do I Need A Passport To Visit Canada

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Do I Need A Passport To Visit Canada ? )
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