Do You Need A Passport To Visit Cancun Mexico ?  

For a US citizen to travel to Mexico some kind of travel document is required and also it requires a lot of travel planning. Cancun is a popularly visited tourist city in Mexico and receiving visitors there is nothing new for Mexico.

Other than travel documents you also need to update medical records for your own good before traveling to Mexico.  Every citizen of the United States does not need a passport to gain entry into Mexico or travel within Mexico. However, when they are coming back into the United States, they will need a passport. So the bottom line is every citizen and resident of the United States will need a passport to come back into the United States from wherever they have been to.

Since Cancun is in Mexico, a person would need passport to be able to holiday and come back to their homes. If you do not have a passport and wish to travel by road to Mexico, then you may need other equivalent document which can prove your citizenship with the United States like a birth certificate, driver's license and or a valid government photo ID. For people who wish to travel by air these forms of identification will not work and they have to be in possession of a valid US passport.

US citizens do not need a visa to travel within Mexico within 72 hours or 3 days period. However, if they plan to stay for more than 3 days they would need to get a Mexico tourist card.

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Do You Need A Passport To Visit Cancun Mexico

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Do You Need A Passport To Visit Cancun Mexico ? )
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